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About CMS Themes

Typical Content Managemanet (editable) Theme Design

  • Hourly – Freelance designers and developers charge anywhere between $80 to $300 an hour depending on experience.
  • Fixed – PHP theme design projects can range anywhere from $350 to over $5000 per project / page.

What you get here

  • Themed Business Website Design – is based on a completed design platform, like the ones below, and cost between $300 and $2,500 depending on the number of pages you want to receive for your project.

Note: Similar to a web design, make sure you're clear on what's included vs. what's not included. A detailed scope of work to design and develop the entire  website is recommended.

REMEMBER: First impressions last!

These themes offer a ready made solution to otherwise very complex process. If you find something below that interests you and you think it will work for your needs, with some modifications or as is, it will save you time and money! Any theme can be modified for color, type style etc... to suite your needs.

I offer custom theme programming too. If you have something in mind and have an example website to look at I can compile an affordable package quote too.